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We accept payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer and we have options to suit all budgets and business needs. 


You may want to pay for an hour at a time (pay as you go) or on a per project basis. You may prefer to pay for a bundle of 5 hours or 10 hours depending upon your requirements. 


The Basic Rate is £22 per hour for PA services and concierge / lifestyle management. 


Before any work is started the payment option and terms and conditions will be agreed between the client and Executype PA. 


Any chargeable extras including postage, mileage (@ 45p per mile), meetings/conference calls (excluding introductory consultation) and consumables (paper, printer inks) will be charged for separately and will be invoiced as and when these costs are incurred. 


Work can be accepted in many formats, including: 

  • dictation (over the phone or on tape) 

  • email 

  • USB 

  • personal visit (dependent on location) 

  • CD 

  • hard copy by post 


Each job will have different timescales and this will be agreed before the job is commenced. Basic tasks will be completed within 24-48 hours as standard. If a job has more urgency this can be discussed and agreed between Executype PA and the customer prior to commencement of the job. 


Executype PA will proofread all documentation before sending to the customer, however, the final proofreading will be the responsibility of the customer. Any changes to documents which are in addition to those agreed when the job began will be charged for separately. 


All documentation will be scanned by virus security software, however, Executype PA cannot be responsible for any security issues and customers should ensure they have their own security protection installed on their computer. 


Executype PA will treat all work as confidential and, if required, will sign a confidentiality agreement before the commencement of the work. 


Executype PA is not responsible for the end use of any document they produce, customers are solely responsible for documents appropriate use, including abiding by any copyright laws, plagiarism laws and publishing requirements. 


All electronic work carried out by Executype PA will be backed up securely and will be kept for a period of 12 months unless otherwise requested. After 12 months the files will be deleted. 

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