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Who Uses a Telephone Answering Service?

You may associate telephone answering services as only being used by one man bands but that isn't always the case.

A client came to us when their receptionist left to join another company. The client had looked at the cost of hiring another receptionist and what the role consisted of, especially when not answering the phone. Even if the client went down the route of hiring an apprentice, who would require a lot of training and time to get their telephone etiquette up to scratch, the monthly outlay would be approximately £650 plus holidays and sickness had to be considered too.

The client is a small organisation with about 10 employees who were often out and about visiting clients. They didn't just need a receptionist to answer their main telephone number but they needed reception to transfer the calls to their mobiles, to announce the call and connect the call or take a message.

They did receive quotes from other suppliers when searching for a telephone answering service. Their decision to choose Executype PA came down to our competitive pricing, flexibility and we were a local company.

They have been a very happy client of ours now for over 3 years on our unlimited calls telephone answering package.

In answer to the statement at the start of this blog, yes we do provide the telephone answering service to sole traders but the service we offer is perfectly matched for micro, small and medium sized organisations too.

What have been your experiences of using a telephone answering service?

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