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7 Ways to help with your Motivation

What is motivation? By definition it is a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way. So first let’s think about how you want your staff to interact with the company, what achievements are you expecting from them or from yourself. Once you have a goal for why you want to be motivated that can be the first incentive you need to be proactive about this goal.

Do you ever see you staff staring at the clock or looking disinterested in their work? By the time Friday comes around sometimes you and your staff might find it hard to concentrate any longer on work. You are already thinking of your weekend plans and waiting for that 5pm finish. Although this may only be one day a week, if you think your staff check out of work early in their heads this is when customer service could suffer. We have some helpful tips to help keep your staff checked in and on alert even during the last few hours before their weekend.

1. Create a to do list

Although it may seem like an obvious idea having a to do list can really help keep you focused. Knowing how many tasks you need to complete for the day or week and having an end goal can help you visual an end to the day. Once you have your to do list you can then prioritise your tasks, make sure to get the more difficult tasks done first. Then as the day goes on you know you have simpler tasks to end your day.

2. Break down goals into manageable tasks

You have your tasks and goals written down but now they seem like large goals you can never accomplish. Take your tasks and start breaking them down into small manageable pieces, think baby steps. Having small steps, you can complete can help you stay motivated as you can see you are making progress. It may be small progress, but you are still moving forward with the task.

3. Get up and move around

Being sat down at your desk can make you feel tired and uncomfortable. Do you suddenly find you cannot sit still or is everything distracting you? Well, get off you chair and move around for a few minutes. Stretching your legs and looking away from your computer can help you come back with a clear mind ready to work again. Staring at the screen for long periods of time takes a strain on your eyes and your concentration, getting up and doing a lap of the office or going to make a cup of tea can make you come back feeling a new person ready to get back on task again.

4. Recognise when people make progress

When you accomplish a part of your goal reward yourself. Make sure to acknowledge how far you are getting with your goals for the day.

As a boss or a manager make sure to praise your staff not only when a big project is complete but the staff that are trustworthy and reliable remind them, they are appreciated. When staff feel needed and are reminded of why their work is important you will find they will care more about the standard of their work.

5. Be organised

Many people will say organisation is the key to success. Having a clear desk gives you a clear mind. Make sure you supply yourself with the tools to keep a clear desk and keep paperwork organised.

Remember being organised is not just about a clear desk. Being organised involves knowing your deadlines and knowing what is realistic in them timelines. Make sure you are proactive and make the most of your time. You cannot add hours in the day but if you make the most of the time you have by minimising distractions and always looking forward you will find you can always reach your end goal.

6. Create a positive environment

Creating a workspace where people feel a positive energy can help them feel more motivated when working on tasks. Being able to tap into other people’s excitement and encouragement for a task can help you feel like your part of a strong team. For a long-lasting successful business, a positive work space is important for your organisation. A happy work environment will always attract positive people.

7. Mindfulness

When the stress of a day feels too much taking part in a mindful activity can help you feel more centred and grounded and ready to try the task again. One way to do this would be a short one-minute mediation that can help you clear your mind and start fresh. Close your eyes and slowly start to breathe in through your nose and out through mouth. Concentrate on the rise and fall of your chest, if any other thoughts enter your headspace acknowledge the thought but then dismiss this and always go back to thinking about the rise and fall of your chest. This mindful activity can be done for a minute or for 5. Allow yourself the time you to clear your head and allow yourself to refocus. Giving your staff the time to do this can help their well-being and allow them to find new motivation.

There are many other ways to keep motivated. You can use motivational quotes in the work place or make sure on a Friday if the team has performed well that week, they receive a treat, everyone loves cake! The aim is to find what works for your staff, we are all individuals and have different ways to keep focused, give your staff the time to try out different techniques and find what helps them.

What ideas have you found work well for you and your business? Let me know other techniques you have tried and tested.

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