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Customer Focus

Do you understand your customers? Do you know what their current and future needs are? By showing your customers that you and your business understand their needs you are bringing huge benefits to your business. Benefits such as:

  • Increased customer value

  • increased customer satisfaction

  • Improved customer loyalty

  • Enhanced repeat business

  • Enhanced reputation of the organisation

  • Expanded customer base

  • Increased revenue and market share

By using the ISO 9001 formula there are many actions you can take to ensure your business

has this covered.

  1. Look at who received value from using your products or services, both directly and indirectly.

  2. Keep up to date with what your customers needs are now but also what their future needs will be and what are their expectations from you as a supplier.

  3. Review the objectives for your business and ensure these connect with your customers needs and expectations.

  4. Ensure your business as a whole is aware of what your customers needs and expectations are and how you are meeting these.

  5. Look at your products and services and ensure you plan, design, develop, produce, deliver and support those products and services so that they meet your customers needs.

  6. Seek feedback from your customers to ensure customer satisfaction is achieving what it should, this is a continual process and you should measure and review customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis.

  7. Manage your customer relationship, communicate with them regularly and plan actions where necessary to achieve success going forwards.

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Executype PA are now underway with their steps to achieving ISO 9001 certification.

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