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A Day in the Life of Executype PA

At 8.30 each morning the phones begin to ring for our call answering clients. The team at Executype PA are ready and waiting each morning for the phones to start ringing. Which client will the first call be for, the building surveyors, damp proofing expert, online retailer, law firm, driving instructor, coach, heating engineer or builder? We never know, but with our state of the art phone technology the caller ID appears which allows us to answer the call in the clients’ business name and we answer each call with the dedicated professionalism and enthusiasm which each and every one of our clients deserve.

A call comes in from someone asking for a quote for damp proofing in their home, we access the clients calendar and schedule in the appointment, taking full details of the caller, where the property is, their contact information and where they heard about the company. Confirmations are sent to the caller and to the client and the calendar is updated with the appointment. It’s now up to our client to get to the appointment and give the quote that the caller is happy with.

There are minutes to type up from a clients board meeting yesterday afternoon, there are diary appointments to make for another client and there are expenses to calculate for a clients employees. The Executype PA team know their priorities and plan their day accordingly.

An urgent request comes in from a client asking us to ring some of their customers to chase up invoices, Claire jumps straight on to that and sends an update to the client within the hour.

Carol finalises the minutes from the board meeting the day before but there is no rest as she is now off to meet a client off site to update their property portfolio rent schedule with them, the client prefers face to face meetings so they can discuss issues directly. Job done for another month.

A client rings, he is on his way to our office, he asks if we can we print some documents out for him, Sarah isn’t working off site at a clients’ office today so sorts that out straight away and the documents are ready for the client to collect.

A request for a Word template has come through, a fixed price is given and the OK received to proceed. It’s a long report template, complete with content page, multiple heading levels, headers, footers and consistency of clients branding throughout. The document is complete and is emailed to the client within their deadline.

And while all of this (and more) is going on, the phones continues to ring with calls to our call answering clients.

What a great day the team say, what’s happening tomorrow? We never know what will come in but we always know we will handle it with professionalism, speed and efficiency.

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